Publisher Service

Leverage demand from established advertisers and big-name DSPs worldwide. Our extensive advertiser base enables us to connect you to an array of premium demand sources, each bidding to win your inventory. More competition means better revenue!


  • Highly rewarding XML Feeds, JS Tags and Landing Page URLs
  • A variety of pricing models like CPM, CPC, CPUV, CPV to choose from
  • Real-time Tracking & Reporting enables to know your audience better
  • Customized Feeds/Tags/URL to suit your needs
  • Geo-targeted ads to get optimized as per the users’ location to get you the results
  • Best eCPM’s across the industry
  • High fill rates to maximize your revenues
  • Hassle-free and on-time payments every month

Transparent and Real-time Reports

Get accurate and real-time data about your visitors

High fill rates and eCPM’s

We get you the best value for your inventory

Referral Points( 5% )

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