Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy details the Flairads pledge of maintaining the privacy of your information

Any questions in regards to Flairads privacy practices should be sent via email to

What type of data does Flairads collect?

Flairads utilizes cookies. Note that, cookies independently can not be used to identify you. Cookies can be turned off in your browser through the preference options. However, remember that disabling cookies will stop you from participating in certain activities.

What kind of data does Flairads collect?

Flairads collects data through the use of cookies. They can be turned off through your browser settings. But, turning them off will stop you from participating in certain activities.

How is my data used?

Your data is used only to enhance your experience on our site. Personal data lets us create targeted ads to meet your specific requirements. Cookies enable us to uniquely identify each client, make customized landing pages, etc.

Your IP enables us to detect server issues and manage Without this data, it will be difficult for us to keep our backend running round-the-clock.

Each email sent to you is to address your issues. We send out regular mails to answer your queries, and to inform you about the site updates, so that you can enroll for unique offers. If you find these mails annoying, you can opt-out anytime by clicking on the link provided.

Who else views my personal data?

When you request for services from our business partners, we share your personal data with them, in order to serve your request. If you have any queries regarding the same, you may get in touch with our business partners directly. We are not responsible for the data policies adopted by our business partners. Your personal data may similarly be shared with our subsidy businesses.

Your data maybe shared with third-parties, given that we have a fair reason to believe that it is required by the law or lawful processes. We are committed to securing any rights or property of Flairads and others related to our company and website.

Targeted ads enhance the client’s experience. Hence, we may share the non-personal data with advertisers, at times, enabling them to show you relevant and useful ads. For instance, your geographical data maybe shared along with the demographics, though we will never share unique personally identifiable data.

Will I be notified of a security breach?

Flairads guarantees that your personal data isn’t made freely accessible and that is only available to the client who initially entered it. Notwithstanding, in case of an improbable security breach, the client will be told by means of email promptly.

How do I delete my data from Flairads?

Currently, it is not possible to completely remove your data from our database. However, in case you are concerned over the security of your personal data, you can delete the cookie stored on your browser, post which the server will see you as a new client. Going forward, you can set your browser settings to not accept any new cookies. However, it is important to note here that deleting cookies will prevent you from taking part in specific activities.

We employ third-party advertisers to serve ads on our site. They may utilize the aggregated data (excluding your unique and personally identifiable data such as your name, address, email address or phone number) on your browsing behaviour, with a specific end goal to show ads about products and services relevant to you.

Will I be notified of a security breach?

Flairads assures you that your personal data is not made publicly accessible and that it is available exclusively to the persona who has initially entered it. In spite of this, in case of an security breach , which is unlikely, the client will be promptly informed about it by means of email.

Do linked sites honor your privacy/data policy?

Linked sites are not controlled or run by FlairAds. They, in turn, contain numerous other linked sites, which are utilized to offer you extra services and offerings that we feel will suit your interests.

All of these linked sites are owned by some third-party. Thus, they have their own set of data polices in place. Flairads is not to be held responsible for the data protection practices / approaches / content of these sites. Similarly, note that any personal data provided to an outside advertiser, is at your own risk.

Will your policy always remain intact?

We can’t always make sure that our policy will be followed. If Flairads is purchased, or our assets are acquired by another entity, client data might be exchanged/transferred to the new owners. Flairads will recommend them to regard this policy, however we can’t guarantee it.

Flairads will inform you of any changes

Flairads always enhances and upgrades its site to furnish its users with better features. As a result, our data/privacy policies need to be continuously revamped. Whenever changes are required, the revised policy will be updated on this site, along with the date of its last revision. In order to be constantly updated about Flairads policies, do check this site frequently.

Contacting Flairads

any inquiries with respect to data protection problems or the gathering of personal information can be sent to our representatives by dropping a email on